Future ISFP/PA Congress

We are pleased to announce that our next ISFP/Plasminogen Activation Workshop will be held in Caen, France in 2022!

Mark down on your calendars: Sept 5 to 9, 2022.

We are now open to accepting bids for hosting the 2024 ISFP Congress. Please contact us for more information. Bidding will close at the end of May, 2022.

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Contact for meetings & congresses: Em Prof Dr H.R. Lijnen

Previous ISFP Meetings

Upcoming meetings of potential interest to members of the ISFP

  • GRC on Plasminogen Activation, Ventura, CA, Oct 30-Nov 4, 2022

  • XXX ISTH Congress and 68th Annual SSC Meeting, London, UK, July 9-13, 2022

  • 26th International Fibrinogen Workshop, Jongny sur Vevey, Switzerlalnd, June 12-16, 2022

  • To announce meetings relevant to the various aspects of extracellular proteolysis, contact us.