The ISFP was founded to stimulate scientific research relating to any aspect of proteolysis which is relevant to human biology and pathology.

Minutes of the General Assembly of the International Society for Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis (ISFP) Marseille, July 9, 2014

Composition of the council

P. Declerck is the new chairman (until 2016) and J. Meijers remains as Secretary – Treasurer until 2018. M. Colucci will become Chairman in 2016. Class 2014 (C. Kluft, F. Lupu, V. Ploplis) has retired. Class 2016 and 2018 continue. Council Class 2020 members F. Castellino, C. Longstaff and R. Medcalf were nominated by the General Assembly. R. Lijnen continues as Executive Director, and the ex-officio members (M. De Maat, T. Lisman and N. Mutch) are also prolonged.


Three new regular memberships and 14 junior membership applications were accepted by the General Assembly; 78 full memberships were paid in 2014 and 30 junior memberships are registered. Eleven complimentary memberships are prolonged for 2 years. N. Booth was appointed as Honorary Member. A membership directory will be e-mailed to all members.

Financial situation

The income statement and balance 2013 and the proposed budget for 2014 were approved by the General Assembly. The membership fee for 2015 will be kept at 60€ or 100 € for 2015-2016. Two travel grants were awarded (2500 € in total). The Council decided to continue the D. Collen Young Investigator Awards (1x 2,500 $ and 4 x 1,000 $) and the ISFP Prize (10,000 $) at the next ISFP Congress.

The ISFP will make a significant effort to provide Young Investigator Travel Grants for future congresses (for junior members with high rated abstracts). This will be supported by a generous endowment form Life Sciences Research Partners (formerly, the D. Collen Research Foundation).

Society Journal

T. Lisman, Associate Editor JTH, reported news:
The editorial board and advisory board have been fused. The current editorial board consists of individuals that actively engage as reviewers. If colleagues are interested in reviewing for the journal, please contact the ISFP associate editor ( In 2013, brief reports were introduced as a new category. Letters will be for correspondence only. A team of methodological reviewers has been appointed to improve the quality of the review process. The editors-in-chief started pre-screening of papers, resulting in a substantial proportion of papers that are rejected without external review. As a result, the mean time from submission to first decision has decreased to 2.4 weeks. Submission numbers are stable at around 1200/year, as is the manuscript acceptance rate (28% in 2013). The impact factor is now at 6.081.

Congress 2016

The 2016 ISFP congress will be organized in Japan jointly with the Plasminogen Activation workshop. Congress President is T. Urano. Logistic and practical arrangements have to be finalized.


Travel Bursaries will still be available. Applications are to be addressed to the Executive Director and will be evaluated by an ad hoc committee (M. Colucci, C. Kluft, T. Lisman and H. Wojta). For more information, see .

H.R. Lijnen
Executive Director


The 24th International congress of the ISFP and the 17th International Workshop on Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plasminogen Activation, Edinburgh, UK, September 3-7, 2018