The ISFP was founded to stimulate scientific research relating to any aspect of proteolysis which is relevant to human biology and pathology.

Minutes of the ISFP General Assembly, Boston, July 15, 2009


  • C. Kluft becomes Chairman after the Amsterdam 2010 meeting.
  • A new Chairman-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer will be elected from among the council members at the Council meeting in 2010.
  • P. Grant (Class 2010) has withdrawn as a Council member.
  • Council Class 2016 will be elected by mail vote among all ISFP members. Nominations will be solicited early 2010.


  • 126 full memberships were paid for 2009.
  • 30 junior members are registered.
  • No new Honorary Members were proposed.
  • A new membership directory will be E-mailed to all members.

Financial situation

  • The income statement and balance 2008 and the proposed budget for 2009 were accepted by the General Assembly.
  • The membership fee for 2010 will be kept at 60 €. Members will be given the option to pay for 2 years at a reduced rate of 100 €.
  • Travel grants will again be announced in J. Thrombos. Haemost.

Society Journal

  • The impact factor of J. Thromb. Haemost. has increased to 6.29.
  • Announcements of the ISFP congress in Amsterdam will be published on a regular basis.

Congress Amsterdam

  • The 2010 meeting is confirmed to the Krasnapolsky hotel in Amsterdam.
  • A separate meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board was held during the ISTH congress in Boston.

Meeting site 2012

  • The Council unanimously accepted the proposal of Colin Longstaff to organize the 2012 ISFP congress in Brighton (UK).


  • The ISFP Prize 2010 will be sponsored jointly by the “Life Sciences Research Partners” and ISFP (each 5000 $). The Prize will be announced in a Newsletter to the members as well as on the website. Deadline for application will be end of September 2009. The Council has appointed B. Binder as chairman of the International Jury; he will select the other jury members.
  • The Council of the ISFP will make the recommendation to the SSC Executive Committee to appoint C. Longstaff as chairman of the Fibrinolysis Subcommittee for a 4th year. As alternative, and potential successor, Ann Gils will be proposed.
  • The D. Collen Young Investigator Awards (see web site) will be given for the first time at the Amsterdam Congress.

H.R. Lijnen
Executive Director

R. Medcalf

C. Kluft


The 24th International congress of the ISFP and the 17th International Workshop on Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plasminogen Activation, Edinburgh, UK, September 3-7, 2018