The ISFP was founded to stimulate scientific research relating to any aspect of proteolysis which is relevant to human biology and pathology.

Minutes of the ISFP General Assembly, San Diego Convention Center, August 30, 2006

The General Assembly was attended by 25 members.


  • Chairman: B. Binder becomes the official chairman (2006-2008) after this San Diego congress.
  • Vice-chair/Chairman-elect (2006-2008): R. Medcalf was re-elected by the Council, and will become again Chairman starting after the Vienna meeting.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: the mandate of O. Matsuo continues until 2008.
  • SSC Subcommittee on Fibrinolysis: The ISFP will propose Colin Longstaff as new chairman. He will become an ex-officio member of the Council
  • Class 2012: 4 new Council members were elected by mail at the beginning of 2006 (L. Bajzar, P. Declerck, V. Ellis, J. Wojta). Elected members were confirmed by the General Assembly. P. Declerck (class 2006) was re-elected and represents the Council as Belgian member, as required by the Bylaws of the ISFP, a non-for-profit organization.
  • On proposal of the Council, the General Assembly agreed that the Associate Editor, section Fibrinolysis, of the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (cf # 4) will be an ex-officio member of the ISFP Council (Resolution # 14 to our Bylaws).
  • Advisory Board: Class 2006 Council member (M.-C. Alessi) has accepted to join.
  • Executive Director: H.R. Lijnen continues.


  • The General Assembly has agreed, as proposed by the Council, to accept 11 new junior members and 6 new full members, to cancel 4 memberships and to prolong 9 complimentary memberships for 2007. One honorary member proposed by the Council (H. Pannekoek) was confirmed by the General Assembly.
  • As proposed by the Council, the General Assembly accepted the principle that participants at this ISFP congress who paid the full (non-member) registration fee will be offered free membership for 2007. For the year 2008 they will receive a regular invoice for the membership fee and be entitled to a reduced registration fee at the Vienna Congress (pending timely payment of the membership fee). In line with the same principle students and postdoctoral follows of less then 30 years old, who participated in this Congress, will be offered free junior membership.
  • A new membership directory will be send by e-mail or regular mail to all members who paid their 2006 fee.

Financial situation

  • The Profit and Loss Statement 2005 and the Budget 2006 were approved by the General Assembly, as proposed by the Council.
  • The membership fee for 2007 will be kept at 60 €. ISFP members will be entitled to a reduction of the registration fee for the 19th ISFP Congress in Vienna (July 6-10, 2008).
  • Corporate sponsoring has doubled as compared to 2005.

Society journal

An agreement was reached with the ISTH to adopt the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis as official journal of the ISFP (resolution #11bis to our Bylaws). R. Medcalf serves as Associate Editor of the Fibrinolysis Section on behalf of the ISFP.
All papers and abstracts published in the past in our former Society Journal “Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis” can be found on the Internet via Science Direct, using the links volume 1-12 and volume 13-15

Meeting site 2010

The 20th Congress of the ISFP will be held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in August 2010, with C. Kluft as President, J.C.M. Meijers as Vice-President and D.C. Rijken as Scientific Program Chairman.

Wyeth-ISFP Prize

Wyeth has generously sponsored the 2006 ISFP Prize which was awarded to Jay Degen. The Council will negotiate with Wyeth on terms for a potential prolongation of the Prize for 2008.

The Council of the ISFP has appointed I. Juhan-Vague as chair of the international jury that will be composed to select the Prize winner.

Travel Bursaries

The ISFP will make travel bursaries available to students and junior postdoctoral fellows to support scientific exchanges and collaborations. Conditions and application forms can be found on the Website ( Applications are accepted al year round.

H.R. Lijnen
Executive Director

R. Medcalf

B.R. Binder


The 24th International congress of the ISFP and the 17th International Workshop on Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plasminogen Activation, Edinburgh, UK, September 3-7, 2018