The ISFP was founded to stimulate scientific research relating to any aspect of proteolysis which is relevant to human biology and pathology.

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For correspondence with the ISFP contact the Executive Director:

Executive Director
International Society for Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis
c/o Center for Molecular and Vascular Biology
University of Leuven, Campus Gasthuisberg O&N 1, Box 911
Herestraat 49, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium
Tel +32-16-372053 Fax +32-16-345990

Council Officers

M. Colucci - Chairman

N. Mutch - Chairman elect

J. Meijers - Secretary-treasurer

Council members

Class of 2018: M. Colucci, T. Lisman, N. Mutch, D. Vivien
Class of 2020: F. Castellino, C. Longstaff, R. Medcalf
Class of 2022: T. Kietzmann, N. Nagai, M.P. Stoppelli and T. Urano
Ex Officio: P. Kim, Chairman SSC/ISTH Fibrinolysis; J.A. Lisman, Assiociate Editor, JTH; M. De Maat, Liaison Officer with IFRS

Presidents of future ISFP Meetings

N. Mutch, Edinburgh, 2018

Advisory Board of the ISFP

1994: F. Bachmann, P. Brakman, M. Samama †
1996: J. Jespersen, B. Sobel †
1998: F. Blasi
2000: D. Collen, J. Felez, D. Ginsburg, H. Pannekoek
2002: I. Juhan-Vague, E.K.O. Kruithof, D. Loskutoff, T. Ny, D. Rifkin, D. Rijken, S. Thorsen
2004: J. Degen, T. Gelehrter, D. Keber, B. Wiman
2006: M-C. Alessi, N.A. Booth
2008: M. Colucci, M. Schmitt
2012: V. Ellis
2014: C. Kluft, F. Lupu, V. Ploplis
2016: M. Geiger, D. Lawrence, L. Miles and J. Wojta

Honorary Members

N. Aoki, T. Astrup †, F. Bachmann, N. Booth, P. Brakman, D. Collen, I. Juhan-Vague, D. Loskutoff, O. Matsuo, H. Pannekoek, M. Samama †, A. Sasahara, S. Thorsen, M. Verstraete, B. Wiman

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The 24th International congress of the ISFP and the 17th International Workshop on Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plasminogen Activation, Edinburgh, UK, September 3-7, 2018